Introduction To Stitching Squab Pads – Sat 13th – Sun 14th July

July 2019 – Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th

Two day workshop learning to make traditional squab style cushion pads.

Maximum class size of 6 students
Course Timings 10:00am – 5:00pm
Lunch 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Course fee: £220 including lunch + upholstery materials used on set exercises


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Two day workshop learning to make traditional squab style cushion pads.

Traditional squab cushions pre date coil sprung upholstery and draw heavily from primitive mattress making techniques. On this two day workshop you will learn what materials are suitable for producing different styles of squab cushions. You will investigate different applications for squab cushion techniques and be introduced to specific stitches that can be employed to produce a variety of shapes, that need to be self supporting ie not physically fixed to a frame as in more conventional forms of upholstery.

What’s included – guidance in the correct and safe use of hand and pneumatic tools associated with upholstery. Instruction in either traditional or modern upholstery techniques depending on your project or personal interests. We have simple woodworking facilities for chair frame repairs, a cutting/sewing room containing a cutting table, sewing machines and few other specialist pieces of upholstery equipment. Refreshments are available throughout the sessions.

What’s not included – All fillings and fabrics used for individual projects. We can source these prior to commencing each upholstery project as required at an additional cost. Emailing photos in advance can help to build up a profile of each project and help ensure the right materials are in stock.