AMUSF Stage 1 Qualification

210 minimum tutored hours held during the academic year for 36 weeks in person at our studio in Faversham, Kent.

Workshops including practical exercises and projects with experienced tutors and visiting experts. Lectures and practical demonstrations in-house and field trips.

Assistance for written Research Projects & Portfolios with student support.

Book on by paying a deposit fee and then pay the balance in 10 monthly instalments throughout the year.

Stage 1 syllabus

Upholstery projects – Module Tutor; Alex Law

Restoration and finishing – Module Tutor; Susan Surgey

Machine Sewing Module – Tutor; Rebecca Taylor-Wright

Research module – Visiting tutors and experts

Stage 1 Assessment work – External verification by AMUSF

Course Tutors

Upholstery and Research Module
Alex Law

Restoration and Finishing
Susan Surgey

Machine Sewing
Rebecca Taylor-Wright

Time table

35 Day AMUSF stage 1 course 210 hours of tuition

Thursdays – 2023/24
10:00 am  – 5:00 pm
Start: 14th September 2023
End: 18th July 2024

Fee structure

Tuition fee £3000, Exercises and materials £350, AMUSF courses registration fee £72 (payable directly to the AMUSF) – Total school of upholstery fees – £3350

Deposit at the time of booking £500

10 monthly payments of £285

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On receipt of your application you will be sent via email your first invoice which will include the studio/exercise fee.