Welcome To The School Of Upholstery

The School of Upholstery is based in the medieval market town of Faversham in the Creek Creative Studios.  Upholstery classes are limited to a maximum class size of 5, ensuring School of Upholstery students have a higher level of tutor input time than at many other institutions.  Each class has a slightly different time frame allowing students to develop their upholstery skills at their own pace and within their own time commitments.

The class tutor is Alex Law.  Alex has been working as an upholsterer for almost 30 years and has over 10 years upholstery teaching experience; he has written two of the most successful upholstery step by step guides published in the last 20 years.

Keeping you safe in class whilst you learn the craft.

We are all wondering what the new normal holds for us. Perhaps not unsurprisingly virology is not school of upholstery’s principal field of expertise. Along with all of the other vocational crafts training classes around the world we are wondering how best to continue to deliver our programme of classes against the backdrop of challenges brought by Covid 19. Thankfully here at our home at Creek Creative in Faversham we have enough room to offer socially distanced classes for up to a maximum of 5 students and 1 tutor per group. Individual generously sized trestle table workbenches separated by over 1 m with screening between, either visors or face masks/face coverings worn by all, hand washing stations and alcohol rubs throughout the building, access to the workshop limited to those attending the course, and daily cleaning of individual tool kits and work spaces with anti-viral products are our new normal for at least the up coming term here at school of upholstery.

By working together in a sensible way we will be able to move forward with a new program of classes and at a pace that will be designed to offer absolute reassurance to all that whist receiving tuition at a high standard, we will be able to remain safe and healthy. The time table is designed to cause the minimum disruption to your training if local lockdowns or restrictions are imposed at short notice.

Contact tracing data will be collected and made available to the relevant health authorities if required. Please think of others if you feel unwell.